Seiko Watch Guide


Looking to buy a Seiko Watch but don't know where to begin? We're here to break the process down piece by piece to ensure you choose the best fit!

1. Start with the technology. What technology best fits your day to day life? You have many options: Quartz, Solar, Kinetic and Automatic

2. Pick the features that are essential to your needs. Seiko offers many different features such as: GPS, Alarm, Chrono, Direct Drive, Moon Phase, Diver and Calendar

3. Choose the water resistance level. Seiko is known for their famous diver watches. Varying on your watch of choice, there are many different depths Seiko watches are capable of reaching

4. Last on the list, pick the watch you desire! Ensure that the watch you pick is a piece that you will surely not regret. Make a statement with your watch. Choose the watch that speaks to you best. 

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