Japanese Vs. Swiss Movement

Not sure what movement to pick for your next watch? We are here to make your journey more easier!

What is a Japanese Movement?

 To begin, a Japanese movement is made through an automated robot assembly line. Since these watches are made by robots, this leads to less of a chance of error during the manufacturing process. Watches that feature a Japanese movement tend to be cheaper than Swiss Made watches, but this does not mean that they are not of the same quality. A watch with a Japanese movement will feature a high level of reliability and will be extremely sturdy. The most common brands that use Japanese movements are Seiko and Orient. These watches are surely worth their cost and we can assure you, they do not disappoint! When you buy these watches, you are buying a watch that is high end and long lasting!

What is a Swiss Movement?

The main difference between the two movements is that Swiss watches are often still made manually compared to Japanese who use robotics. Those who create Swiss watches are very particular and crafty about their work as these put a large focus on their attention to detail. Overall, their watches can be priced expensive but don't let that scare you. They are worth every penny internally and externally!

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